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Join this LIVE webinar to learn how to tailor your Data Science resume to get noticed by the recruiters. Learn what to include and how to prioritize what to mention. Learn the importance of portfolio that helps you to showcase your data science projects, attract employers, and allow you to archive your learned expertise in data science. Learn how to create a Data Science Resume step by step, what to include in each step, and why you should include those things. Join in to gain valuable insights and get a head start to accomplish a successful career in the data analytics field.

About the Speaker

Mr. Aniket Chhabra

Lead Data Scientist , Paypal


A data evangelist with 9 years of experience, currently working as a lead data scientist in Paypal, Aniket has rich experience in supporting Marketing and Sales Business Units. He holds expertise in building and deploying Machine Learning models ranging from Logistic Regression, Random Forests, XG Boost, SVMs to Text Mining techniques. His primary skill set also incorporates working experience on tools like SQL, Python, R, SAS, and Digital Analytics tools (Workspace & Adobe Suites)

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