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Crash Course on Algorithms


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About this Live Course

This Crash course will cover all the concepts of Algorithms under the Computer Science/IT/IS branch syllabus for 2nd year. This course is specially designed to help you understand the concepts you need help in. This course will help you in solving numerical, answer questions, understand concepts & help you prepare for internal/exams.

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  • Performance Analysis
  • Asymptotic Notations
  • Problem Types
  • Divide/Decrease & Conquer
  • Greedy Method
  • Prim’s/Kruskal’s/Dijkstra's Algorithms
  • Huffman Trees & Codes
  • Transform & Conquer
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Backtracking
  • Transitive Closure
  • 0/1 Knapsack problem
  • ...

Class Schedule

  • Time Complexity Analysis
    Wed, 25 Nov, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • Merge Sort and It's Analysis
    Thu, 26 Nov, 5:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Quick Sort and It's Time Compelxity Analysis
    Thu, 26 Nov, 6:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Selection, Bubble and Insertion Sort
    Fri, 27 Nov, 5:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Heap Sort, Counting Sort, Radix Sort and Bucket Sort
    Fri, 27 Nov, 6:00 PM IST
    1 hr
  • Greedy Algorithms
    Mon, 30 Nov, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • Dynamic Programing
    Tue, 01 Dec, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • Graph Based Algorithms Part -1
    Wed, 02 Dec, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • Graph Based Algorithms Part -2
    Thu, 03 Dec, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs
  • KMP String Matching and NP Completeness
    Fri, 04 Dec, 5:00 PM IST
    2 hrs

About the Mentor

Mr. Setu Maheshwari

M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty for Computer Science Engineering


Setu is currently working with NPIU (M.H.R.D.) and associated with TEQIP-III project. He has been serving in education and teaching for the last 10 years. He has had the experience of teaching in many reputed colleges across the country, having trained thousands of students on different technologies. He has also authored several books for students.
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