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This is an introductory course on one of the most used tools in big data - Kafka. The course starts with the introduction to Kafka in which you will learn about some use cases of Kafka. In the subsequent module you will learn about the Kafka components in detail. The course follows a hands-on approach and is very intuitive. Kafka API's is the next topic in which you will be introduced to different interfaces in Kafka . The course provides a detailed explanation of Kafka Clusters in which you will learn the details of data and process management in Kafka clusters. The course also introduces you to Zookeeper and you will learn about it's usage and installation. You will also do a twitter data streaming project in kafka to understand the concepts learnt above in more details.

Skills covered

  • check Producer-consumer
  • check Kafka components
  • check Zookeeper

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Apache Kafka

  • play What is kafka and use cases
  • play Key components of kafka-broker producer communities
  • play Key components of kafka-topics and partitions
  • play Key components of kafka-consumer groups and replicas
  • play Kafka APIs and kafka clusters
  • play How kafka works with examples
  • play Zookeeper-intro and installation
  • play Live kafka demo-twitter

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Discussion on Introduction to Apache Kafka



23 July 2020, 6:00 AM

It is a free course. You can enroll using this link. The course is available now.

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Shailesh Kumar

23 July 2020, 5:08 AM

Good. Please give us more information about this course. Is it a paid course? When it shall be available? How?? Fixed time slot? etc?


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Nikhil Jain

22 July 2020, 10:52 AM

I am interested in this course.

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