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Great Learning brings you this live session on "Python for Data Science". In this session, you will be learning about Python and its importance in the domain of Data Science. Python is one of the world's most popular programming languages out there right now. It has a huge impact on the world through many domains and Data Science is one such domain where the power and capability of Python are showcased very well. It helps to solve complex problems in a simple manner by harboring the advantages of a versatile programming language. Since Data Science is a vast domain and Python has numerous applications, as a learner, you should have a structured understanding of how you can learn Python in the best manner possible. The instructor also covers the important aspects of Python for Data Science, a demonstration with a real-life dataset and also shares advice on the factors you need to concentrate on when learning Python for Data Science.

About the Speaker

Mr. Anirudh Rao

Great Learning


Anirudh has been working in the field of Data Science and has expertise over Python, Machine Learning and other concepts in the field of data analysis. He is also proficient in the concept of Deep Learning and its usage in a production environment. Expertise extends towards working on various projects in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks as well.

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