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Great Learning brings you this live session on "Statistics for Data Science". In this session, you will be learning about the importance of this functional concept called statistics in this vast domain. Statistics is a key requirement which acts as a foundation to build up for further concepts down the line, hence it makes it very vital that you understand this. The instructor will delve into important concepts such as the types of statistical analysis and more. Theoretical learning is backed by checking out a popular dataset and using Python programming to give you all a better concept on the usage of statistics. It is important that you not only understand the theory but that you practically implement the same as well. Without statistics, it becomes nearly impossible to work on becoming an expert in this domain when working with real-time or industry-grade products. Hence, to understand the domain and actively implement it, statistics is very much the need of the hour for Data Science.

About the Speaker

Mr. Anirudh Rao

Great Learning


Anirudh has been working in the field of Data Science and has expertise over Python, Machine Learning and other concepts in the field of data analysis. He is also proficient in the concept of Deep Learning and its usage in a production environment. Expertise extends towards working on various projects in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks as well.

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