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In this course, you will get an understanding of the advanced concepts in Angular7. You will start from understanding the concept of Pipes and different types of pipes such as String, Number, Date, JSON etc, you will also deep dive into pipes in a practical aspect as amazing examples are used and shown in this course for each of the pipes. Then you will see how we can design our own pipes which is also called as custom pipes and after that you are going to jump to the topic of Routing or Routers, you will understand how we can move from one page to another using routing and what directives do we use to do so. At last, you are going to know about two amazing new features provided in Angular7 which is Drag and Drop & Virtual Scrolling, For each of these topics, you will be doing a hands on, so that you will get a total idea of creating an Angular application. Then at last, we will conclude the session with a short summarization.

Skills covered

  • Advanced Topics of Angular7

Course Syllabus

Angular7 for Advanced Level

  • Introduction
  • Angular7 Pipes - String
  • Angular7 Pipes - Number
  • Angular7 Pipes - JSON
  • Angular7 Pipes - Date
  • Angular7 Pipes - Custom Pipes
  • Angular7 Routing Part 1
  • Angular7 Routing Part 2
  • Angular7 New Features - Drag and Drop Part 1
  • Angular7 New Features - Drag and Drop Part 2
  • Angular7 New Features - Drag and Drop Part 3
  • Angular7 New Features - Virtual Scrolling Part 1
  • Angular7 New Features - Virtual Scrolling Part 2
  • Summary

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