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JavaScript in Hindi

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This course will teach you the hands-on implementation of concepts. In this course, you will learn about JavaScript, which includes different ways where we can write. This course contains concepts like type-coercion, JavaScript properties etc. You will learn about different operators, conditional statement, etc.


  • Basics of JavaScript

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries On This Free Course
Why do I need JavaScript?

JavaScript is used to make the websites interactive. It is also used in developing games, in the behaviour of responses when the buttons are pressed or data is entered into the forms. It is also used in all dynamic styling, animation etc. 


What does JavaScript mean?

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language and uses a JIT compiler. It has a range of applications that include developing web pages and mobile applications. All the web browsers known to us are installed with Javascript. It is easy, compatible with HTML and CSS and is essential for every software engineer to learn this programming language. 


Is JavaScript free to use?

Yes, Javascript is absolutely free to use.


Is JavaScript better than Python?

JavaScript is better than Python for website development for one major reason, i.e., JavaScript runs on the browser. On the other hand, Python is a backend server-side language. Python alone can’t be used to create a website but can be used in part.


How do I run JavaScript in chrome?

Follow the below steps to run JavaScript in Chrome.

  • Write your code in a text editor
  • Open Chrome
  • press Ctrl+Shift+j to open the JavaScript console
  • Test your code
How do I know if JavaScript is working?

When you click the “Test JavaScript” button, the text box below shows ‘Yes, JavaScript is enabled.’ Once you click it, if the text shows enabled then JavaScript is running. 


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