dos n donts cloud computing great learning
dos n donts cloud computing great learning

As more and more enterprises turn to the cloud, the need for experts in the cloud computing industry has never been greater. If you’re willing to make a career in this industry, there’s no better time than now. However, being one of the most lucrative industries of today, it requires bona fide expertise to derive the best results out of the agile cloud-based environments.
The bottom line is – this high-growth field requires a lot of hard work before you can actually come up trumps and forge your career path.
Therefore, before you break into the realm of cloud computing, here’s a bit of information to help you navigate it. Read on to know the meaning of cloud computing and check out some important dos and don’ts of successfully working in the cloud computing industry.

What is Cloud Computing?

Put simply, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services over the Internet. More than a fad, the switch from traditional software models to the Internet has become a necessity today.
From databases to networking, servers, software, and storage – enterprises get all this and much more from cloud providers, who charge for these services on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis with different features and pricing packages.
This means users of the cloud can get access to a range of services, whenever needed, without having to worry about the number and types of hardware and software required to run the business.

Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Cloud Computing career

Do get your basics right
Just like any other field, to ace the cloud computing world, you must get your basics right. Learn cloud computing concepts to get the knack of the intricate nature that the on-demand cloud environment has. From Infrastructure as Code (IAC) to DevOps, a lot needs your attention. And once you have mastered the basics, then move on to acquire knowledge about all those specialist areas where you want your career’s prime focus to be.
Do gain hands-on experience
Just understanding the concepts or gaining fundamental knowledge about cloud computing will not ensure success in the field – getting practical experience will. Learn the ropes by using some of the platforms offered by the leading cloud providers of today. You can try AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure for free for a limited time duration and put your knowledge into practice.
Do learn new skills and technologies
No matter whether you want to become an expert cloud architect, engineer, or developer – to excel in the cloud computing field, you must gain a better understanding of myriad technologies and acquire skills that can help you be a pro at what you want to do.
Do get certified
Getting a cloud computing certification is one of the most significant steps to ensure your success in the cloud computing industry. It builds trust amongst potential employers that your cloud skills are at par with the industry benchmarks. So, get enrolled in one of the top cloud computing courses online and become a certified cloud professional while honing your skills.
Do get expertise in analysis
As an expert cloud professional, you will often be required to analyze a project’s performance, scalability, availability, and security. Therefore, besides getting the necessary cloud computing training, it is important to raise your game by becoming good with numbers and analysis too.
Don’t limit your knowledge
Being a fast-evolving technology that it is, cloud computing requires deeper technological insights on various related subjects to help you make well-informed decisions. Thus, stay on top of industry trends by attending seminars, workshops, and by participating in cloud computing conferences and increase your knowledge.
Don’t ignore the importance of project management
Handling multiple vendors and managing teams call for a good understanding of project management. So, do not ignore the importance of acquiring a strong project management skill set to perform different tasks in the business computing landscape.
Don’t choose your role in haste
When it comes to choosing a specific role in the arena of computing, you must take your pick as per your aptitude and interests. Do not act in haste and carefully weigh the different career options available in the cloud computing world.  
Don’t forget to explore job sites
Avoid getting stuck in a rut by career by exploring job sites and figuring out the next step in your cloud computing career. Apart from helping you find new jobs, many such sites also inform about the latest skills cloud computing providers are looking for, interview questions asked from previous candidates, and some (LinkedIn) even help you connect with existing cloud professionals.   
Don’t hesitate to share your knowledge
Investing some of your time to showcase your knowledge and skills on online platforms can be a sure shot step towards climbing that ladder of success in the cloud computing field. So, don’t hesitate to create a personal blog or using platforms like LinkedIn for sharing your industry experiences and the knowledge that you have gained. Move into an enriching growth phase by adding value to the field with your insights.
Having covered some Dos and Don’ts of a successful career, let me remind you that now is the right time to upgrade your skill, learn new things and advance your career in cloud computing. Being part of it is like being a part of the movement that has reinvented IT on a global scale.



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