Finding a career that meets all your professional needs and more importantly makes you feel satisfied and happy takes time, effort, and a couple of career switches. In the course of their professional journey, people often feel dissatisfied with their current role but are not exactly sure of their ideal career choices. 

Each role you take up during your career span helps you learn something new and hence there are no missteps or bad career choices if you look at it from this perspective. But it is important to find a career fit for yourself and for that you would need to learn and develop the right skills and mindset. In this article, we will see the signs that indicate it is time for a career change. 

Constant complaining 

When you find yourself constantly complaining about your day at work, your reporting manager, your teammates, or the project you are working on, it is the first sign that the current job is not the right fit for you. 

You are complacent and apathetic

If you feel increasingly disconnected from your work with each passing day and your original reason to enter the job is non-existent now, then it is time to make the move. At this point in time, you would have mentally checked out, you are underperforming, and are missing deadlines. If you are not passionate enough and can’t remember even the last time you felt energised at work, then it is not a short-term slump in performance, but a call to evaluate your current career situation.

You hate Mondays and dread going to work 

There are times when you do not feel like going to work due to an unexciting project, or anxiety of meeting your boss. But when you face the same struggle of going to work each morning and you live for the weekends, then it is alarming. If despite your best efforts, Monday blues hit you as soon as Saturday night, you are not at all in a good place in your career. 

When work affects your personal life 

You need to understand when your work stopped being challenging and started being debilitating. If you are permanently stressed, always physically exhausted, have lost sleep, suffering from headaches or other chronic conditions due to work, then you need to pull the trigger on your current job. Being in the above-mentioned states for most of the time also impacts your relationships and that comes to light when your friends and family notify you of your irritability and constant complaining. So look out for those cues to know it is time to switch career. 

You get ‘Job Envy’

When another person’s work makes you more interested and excited than your own work, there is something off about your current career choice. Sometimes we come across new job roles that we haven’t explored or thought about before. If something like that interests you then you should start to learn about the field and see how you can get into such roles and the skills required for the same. 

These are some of the signs that indicate a person needs a career change. Often, when you think of switching career paths, the biggest challenge that comes into the picture is learning the skills required for the new job that you fancy. Worry not, companies like Great Learning provide upskilling opportunities across different technical and business domains. Check out what you want to learn now in order to possibly make the right move in your career. 



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