Tired of applying for jobs and not getting shortlisted? One of the key benefits of enrolling in any Great Learning program is the e-portfolio that you build as you learn and apply new concepts during the course of the program. Naturally, this raises a few questions. “What is a Great Learning e-portfolio? Why do I need it?” etc. Wasn’t a portfolio for writers? For freelancers, perhaps? For designers? But, not now! Move over resumes. Move over fancy 5 page PDF summaries of your profile. The next thing slated to change the way recruiters look at your resume and get you instant attention is the e-portfolio that you can build with a Great Learning program.

Here are the key benefits of our unique e-portfolio:

A Body of work – A body of work is the most important asset on your resume. It brings reliability as opposed to just a list of tools and technologies on your resume. Projects completed during the program help you develop a body of work that is difficult for recruiters to ignore. Think of it as a ready-made technical resume that consists of several mini-projects and a capstone project all based on real-life business problems. You instantly bring credibility to the table. Several of our students and alumni have transitioned to the roles of their liking while they were still in the program. The e-portfolio develops as you develop your skill set working on different things during the course of the program. Here is a glimpse of what it looks like:


The Diversity of Projects – An added advantage is the diversity of projects that are covered in our programs. Projects are mostly in different domains like finance, marketing, supply chain, analytics, etc. (click here to see a complete sample e-portfolio). All the major domains are covered through our projects. You learn a lot about different domains and organizations benefit from this knowledge by looking at your e-portfolio and picking the one that they would like you to talk about. It instills confidence in you to face any questions thrown at you and gives you the much-required conviction in your skillset.

Easy Integration With Social Media Platforms Like LinkedIn – There are more than 28 million Indian LinkedIn users and 332 million users worldwide which makes LinkedIn the most important professional platform in the last decade. According to HBR, almost 66% of mid-career professionals use LinkedIn actively to directly apply for jobs. We are cognizant of these facts and hence our e-portfolio can be easily integrated into your LinkedIn profile when you apply for jobs using LinkedIn. No need to write lengthy descriptions or struggle with presenting a comprehensive summary of each project. We take care of it for you.

Instant Conversation Starter – Breaking the ice is one of the most important aspects of a job interview. Where do you get started? This is not only true for job applicants but also the interviewer. The projects on a great learning e-portfolio are excellent conversation starters. Several of our alumni have stated that the capstone project was the highlight of their interviews when they transitioned to business and functional roles. Swathy Krishnan, PGP-BABI alumni and Data Scientist at Verizon says, “I was asked about the Capstone in every interview I gave and I am sure it helped me earn an edge because of the unanimously positive feedback I received during these interviews. Even in my Verizon interview, the capstone played an important part in getting me hired.”

It is a Data-Driven World After All – Doesn’t it make sense to have some data ready for your work especially if you are applying for a business analytics or data science job role? Even with other domains like cloud computing, etc. data-driven decision making has become key to driving growth, strategy, and action. So, why should your resume be any different? The projects in the e-portfolio are like data points you can use to make a strong case with your interviewer. Crucial project details and summary is available in the e-portfolio in a systematic manner so the interview can also proceed in the same way. Let the interviewer realize that the real element of surprise lies with you!

Hands-On Training That Lasts – It is common knowledge that learning a new concept without applying or putting it to test is no learning at all. If you want to implicitly learn concepts, applying them on real business cases is a must. This hands-on training goes on a long way to prove your capability than a mere mention of a program, course, or certification on your resume. Successful completion of Great Learning projects along with detailed description of tools and techniques used in each project will help you make a long-lasting impression, much like your hands-on program experiences had on you.

The feature to develop an E-Portfolio is offered with all Great Learning programs.



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