How many times have you found yourself face to face with your boss, head in the clouds, without knowing what to say about the latest advancements done by your team, or about the latest trends in your field in big data analytics?
Thankfully, you can take the guesswork out of the equation since we have done the heavy lifting for you. This article focuses on the 7 things your boss expects you to know about big data. Finally no more awkward stares at your next meeting!
You already know that AI has been playing a major role in every field for quite some time and it is destined only to grow in the upcoming years, as well as big data analytics, which is about to revolutionise the relationship between machines and humans.
More and more industries are investing big money in Big Data, Hadoop and cloud technologies, new title jobs are rising in the IT field and data management is becoming a crucial role in many enterprises. We don’t see just the role of big data analyst, we see the up and coming data manager profile. 13% of the data related jobs will be done by them and will support the business analysts in a greater way.  Big data analytics will also get sorted in a managed way without any error.
What about those firms that rely on outsourcing their data analysis to SaaS? At the moment 66% of them employ a third party to manage big data, and this number is only destined to grow. Another player that is going to take a huge portion out of big data analytics is academia along with some of the new research labs like the non-profit open AI.
Without further ado, let’s see what you must know in order to wow your boss at your next meeting and further your knowledge in 2018!

  1. This year natural language will play a major role in big data analytics. Among those companies that are going to up their game in the big data field, 25% of them will adopt the point-and-click analytics with colloquial interfaces. Big data analysis through Hadoop will be supported by this new feature, in which data can be interrogated with the help of natural language. The results can also be obtained in real-time visualisation.
  2. Your enterprise will rely heavily on the decision-making skills provided by big data. As much as 20% of the companies employing big data analytics will ask for the help of machine learning and AI to formulate new actions and get real-time instructions. Big data analytics will sift through the millions of data provided to the company to enable the customers with the best solutions, to get the best deal from suppliers, and to hand over the instructions to the employees. The companies will save time and money thanks to this smart move. Another point to highlight to your boss!
  3. Thanks to big data analytics and Hadoop, your company will lower the unstructured data in order to see a more efficient way to deal with structured data. In 2016 a global survey offered the view on the state of unstructured data. It found out that more than 100 terabytes of the unstructured data doubled that year. The sources of the data weren’t analysed either by most companies. Thanks to data & analytics, now the gap between structured and unstructured data is filling up quickly and the analysing of data is becoming more and more precise and scalable.
  4. Know where to put your money when it comes to data lakes. At the moment many companies are investing a lot of money in data lakes without even knowing if they will get a return of any sort on their investment. Within this year 33% of those company will move away from data lakes to see if they can make smarter decisions with big data analytics.
  5. 50% of companies working with cloud computing will opt for public based clouds for their operations. These companies expect to see a better investment in public clouds than in-house facilities and expect to get more benefits from this move.
  6. Enterprises will shift from an operation-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. For this purpose, big data analytics will play a crucial part in how to run a business, since more intelligence will be necessary to capture and advance the customers’ needs and requests. The companies will face more pressure to deliver an excellent customer experience and results.
  7. Chief Data Officers will work closely with CEOs to use big data in a more active way, instead of a defensive plan. Big data will be thoroughly analysed and tested to discover new ways to consistently deal with the customer and put in front of him the best results and answers to his needs. This will be a major shift in the way big data are used. No more just for internal analysis, but it will be employed for a more aggressive interaction with the end user.

There you have it, the 7 crucial points you need to know about big data analytics. This year will see a major shift in how to deal with big data analysis, and you will be on your way to be in the front seat when it happens!



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