Artificial intelligence, as a domain has established its credibility to an extent where companies are now looking at ways to enhance their workforce to align with machine capabilities. Have a look at some of its recently weekly developments.

AI Enriches Digital Maps 

Researchers at MIT and Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have now invented a model that uses satellite imagery to tag road features in digital maps. This model has the capacity to take GPS navigation to another level. It will be able to provide drivers with more details about routes in unfamiliar locations – warn them from diverging and merging lanes. It can incorporate information on parking spots, mark bicycle spots, negotiate busy streets, and even improve planning for disaster relief.  

AI Boosts Mobile Apps for Better User Experience 

As the hype around artificial intelligence continues to grow, it can now help mobile apps boost their end-users’ experience. Unlike a generic program, AI reads and processes the same data in a more humane way. This will allow developers to make better and more informed conclusions which are used in making important decisions regarding the application. And thanks to it, you can also add personalized updates for every user using the phone system’s mobile apps. 

AI Makes Decisions for Future Wars

While companies are using AI to automate various tasks, and consumers are using it to ease their daily routines, Governments–and particularly militaries, have developed a large interest in the speed and scale offered by AI. Considering Nation states are already using artificial intelligence to monitor their own citizens, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently revealed last week that they are also using AI to make decisions related to national security and warfare.

AI Helps Find Illegal Sellers Online

New AI-based approaches, invested by the Government are now clamping down on illegal opioid sales. It can demonstrate as to how publicly available social media and internet data, even the things that are posted — can be used to find illegal transactions initiated online. Moreover, it can also be used to track just about anything else too, including illegal wildlife traffickers, vaping products, counterfeit luxury products, and gun sales.

AI Detects Catfishing on Dating Apps

With AI surprising the world with its capabilities each day, dating applications like Tinder are now inculcating the technology. Its users will soon be able to have their profile photos automatically verified through AI powered tools. It will determine authenticity by comparing profile pictures with real-time portraits in order to avoid catfishing and false authenticities. This feature is currently being tested in selected areas before it is rolled out across the globe.

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