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Considering the Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of executing thousands of calculations at once – every existing sector today is benefiting from it in different forms from AI.

China – The First AI Superpower

China’s is on its way in becoming the first global superpower for Artificial Intelligence, considering its talents of combining data business and research. The People’s Republic of China seems to have one of the most ambitious AI strategies among  nations whilst providing maximum resources worldwide for its implementation. With goals like the AI Development Plan and the ‘Made in China’ plans, China aims to become the world’s largest economic power. 

AI Benefits Revenue Cycle Management 

One of the most effective applications for AI-powered tools today lies in the field of Revenue Cycle Management. Sophisticated AI technologies can sift through vast amounts of data easily while parsing nuances in more efficient ways. These AI tools use outcome-based analytics to add context to the data and determine what is and isn’t working, proving beneficial to healthcare professionals. 

AI Disrupting the Energy Sector for the Better

AI sensors have generated a whole new world of data from sources that did not exist a decade ago. This is now used in the generation of power in both solar and wind farms to produce huge amounts of data. Also, Artificial Intelligence is using this data to reduce some of the major costs that a power plant has, that is, its maintenance and operations  costs.

AI Helps Doctors Diagnose Life-threatening Diseases

Since AI has the capacity to learn from its mistakes, and assess scenarios more accurately than humans, it is also very capable of taking over doctors in correctly diagnosing medical conditions. Inspired by the success story of correcting incorrect breast cancer diagnosis through AI models, the technology has been reined into diagnosis of four other conditions including Lung cancer, mortality in heart diseases, kidney diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

AI Can Determine Toxic Workplaces

Receptiviti is a platform created via Artificial Intelligence that has been designed to help financial firms and banks to measure workplace culture, happiness, and burnout. Apart from making assumptions on stress levels and happiness, the platform is also capable of analysing a toxic culture at the workplace. The system measures engagement, collaboration effectiveness, innovation-readiness, and blockers of performance—such as stress and fatigue through subtle patterns in real-time language.

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