AI in healthcare

    How AI can Improve Healthcare Industry

    What has the data done? The world today is driven by data. With every passing day, data is coming closer to us and getting involved with our lives. You cannot separate data and the economy....

    How Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Together Drive Success – Top 5 Case Studies

    There is one thing that you will agree with me—that the fourth industrial revolution is here, thanks to AI and Big Data. In fact, according to a report done by CNN there is no...
    AIML Recruitment trends

    Top AIML Recruitment Trends of 2019

    Earlier this year, Forbes had declared 2019 to be the year when AI would become mainstream and businesses would be increasingly embracing newer AIML technologies. 2019 indeed emerged as the year when...
    Great Learning coverage in The Economic Times , IT firms are re-skilling their staff

    IT Firms Reskill Staff to Bridge Digital-Talent Gap

    We are pleased to share with you the coverage Great Learning received in The Economic Times recently. The story by Ayan Pramanik explores how IT companies are re-skilling the staff to take up roles in digital...
    Alpha Beta Pruning

    Alpha Beta Pruning in AI

    Alpha beta pruning is an optimisation technique for the minimax algorithm. Through the course of this blog, we will discuss what alpha beta pruning means, we will...