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When Alumnus Ajay Rajendran decided to learn analytics by pursuing the BACP program, he had several apprehensions and concerns.
In his own words:
I Was Skeptical about Pursuing Analytics for the Agricultural Industry – There aren’t many people who are involved in data analytics with respect to the agricultural sector. Analytics in agriculture is still at a nascent stage compared to other sectors such as banking, insurance, marketing, finance etc. But given my inclination towards analytics and its promising potential in all domains, I knew I had to learn more. Finding the right program was a difficult task as most analytics programs focus on the application of analytics in Finance, BFSI, Marketing, etc. But several mini-projects done during the BACP program strengthened my knowledge in not one but several domains helping me develop a holistic perspective to the application of analytics.
After a Hectic Day at Work, Would I be Able to Devote Any Time to My Studies? I had used analytics at a very superficial level when I was a consultant at PwC. So I knew it first-hand that diving deeper would take both time, energy, and discipline. Learning while working is easier said than done. My job required me to travel so sticking to a schedule or attending classes was not an option. That’s why I chose an online program like BACP with mentored learning.
The program caters to different audiences and each participant can decide their schedule. I practised everything taught in the sessions and dedicated a few hours every day. Program office was very supportive, checking with us on our progress, sending us reminders, and keeping us motivated throughout the program. My mentor Mr Murali Srinivas was available every step of the way and very patient with us from the beginning. He once conducted a session at 8:30 pm to clear our doubts when he could have easily delayed it to the next day.
I was Concerned if the BACP Program Is Worth the Financial Investment – My main priority was learning analytics in depth. Great Lakes provided me with a foundation to grow on. Excel is slow and has several limitations that R can resolve easily. My long-term goal is to learn Hadoop, data mining, etc. but without any formal education in programming languages, I would have struggled with Hadoop so I couldn’t learn that on my own. Any tools or technologies learned in a course should come as a natural progression in the course structure and something that makes sense. BACP is a very well-designed and thought-out program in that regard. I derived so much from the course that the cost of the program in hindsight is no concern at all.
Will the BACP Program be Enough to Transition Early into Advanced Analytics? I was under the impression that finding a job that required an agricultural background and analytics would be hard at such an early stage. I joined the program in December and to my surprise, I had already received an interview call from Cargill in March. It was a tailor-made role for me as they required analytics and a post-graduation in agriculture. I joined Cargill in the Agricultural Supply vertical. They trade in select commodities, pulses, food grains, oilseeds, etc. My role is to understand a particular crop and do an in-depth analysis of the production and supply pattern for a particular year so they can decide their trading strategy.
Ajay Rajendran’s story is one of the many examples of how Great Lakes programs exceeded our students’ expectations and transformed their careers. To read more such stories, click here.
Ajay Rajendran’s full profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajay-rajendran-722539151/



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