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Here are a few Analytics and data science updates from last week to keep you informed.

BCG Gamma: Data Analytics Hiring Challenge

BCG Gamma builds solutions to radically transform the business performance of the world’s most iconic companies in 9 to 12 months, unleashing the power of large and complex data sets and fostering a culture of innovation and radical change. They are currently running a challenge to seek senior analysts who have what it takes to be successful analytics professional.
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Financial prospects prompting IT pros towards data analytics 

Times have never been so good for techies specialising in data analytics. They typically switch jobs after a little over two years, taking on a new assignment with a 60-100% salary jump, according to data from staffing firm Xpheno. 

11 ways to avert a data-storage disaster

In the digital world, backing up data is essential, whether those data are smartphone selfies or massive genome-sequencing data sets. Storage media are fragile, and they inevitably fail — or are lost, stolen or damaged. Here are 11 tips that could make potential data-loss disasters a little less painful.

A Data Scientist’s Path to Understanding Market Simulation

Made possible by recent advances in computing power and machine learning, market simulation employs agent-based modelling, behavioural science and network science to recreate the complex dynamics and rules of how a population of people in a given market behave, influence each other and make decisions.

The quest for high-quality data

A recent O’Reilly survey found that those with mature AI practices (as measured by how long they’ve had models in production) cited “Lack of data or data quality issues” as the main bottleneck holding back further adoption of AI technologies.
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