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Here are a few Analytics and Data Science updates to take you through the week. 

How IBM Powered Its Way to Trifecta, the organization that publishes semi-annual lists ranking the world’s most powerful supercomputing installations, includes data ranging from architectures to processors to accelerators to interconnects. With Pangea III, IBM has proven that it can successfully deliver topline performance with bottom-line benefits.

Post-Hadoop Data and Analytics Head to the Cloud

Data and analytics in the cloud era may favour platforms based on platforms that are more flexible than Hadoop. But that doesn’t mean there’s no future for the early big data technology. Read-Along.

What matters most in business intelligence 2019: Key enterprise use cases

The Dresner research teams’ broad assessment of the BI market makes this report unique, including their use visualizations that provide a strategic view of market trends. Here are the Key insights from the study. 

Annual Survey On Data Science Recruitment In India: 2019

Indian and multinational organisations from almost all industries — be it Fortune 500 companies or startups — are hiring data science experts to help them garner insights from big data. Our survey for April 2019 endeavoured to find out the current scenario of hiring trends and jobs available in data science.

25 Websites to Find Data Science Jobs

Since you’ve done all the hard work studying big data and analytics to get to this point, we did the legwork and put together a list of our 25 favourite data science-related job sites where you can start applying for data science and analytics jobs.
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