We have seen how Data Science solutions are being applied across various industries. Data Science and its applications are widely used. In this week’s guide, let us see how data science will help businesses in a post-covid world, and how analytics is reshaping the education industry during remote learning. Let’s get started.

5 Ways Data Science will ensure business continuity in the Post-COVID world

Due to the initial lockdown during COVID-19, businesses are left struggling to carry out their day-to-day operations smoothly. The pandemic came along with pay-cuts, layoffs, and even led to the closing of some businesses. But through these difficult times, one thing we have learnt is that a digital transition is essential for businesses to survive. And that data science is an important factor in helping businesses in the post-covid world. As the need for remote working has greatly increased, people are now looking to incorporate more data science models, and analytics tools that can help in ROI, optimise processes and productivity and more.

Data Analytics is reshaping the education industry during remote learning 

When we were struck by the COVID-19 virus, schools and colleges around the world had to be shut down. The only option we were left with was to conduct remote learning. With technology and the applications of data analytics, this was a possibility. The methods of traditional learning can be transformed with the help of data analytics. Big data also helps educational institutions to collect the required data to ensure easy adoption of systems to help the students stay engaged. These data analytics applications are being developed to help the students simply and understandably, and have been of great help during these uncertain times. 

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