The application of data science and data analytics has shown significant growth over the past decade. Big Data Analytics has paved its way into several industries today, healthcare being one of them. This week’s guide brings you the four emerging strategies to advance big data analytics into healthcare. It also talks about the top private cloud service providers for data analytics. 

4 Emerging Strategies to Advance Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Big data analytics has proved how advantageous it can be in the field of healthcare if used well. From chronic illness management to medical imaging, big data analytics algorithms can improve the efficiency of care, accelerate the rate of disease diagnosis, and reduce burdens. To do so, we must be able to eliminate any form of bias in data collection. Quality tools must be produced that can also preserve patient privacy. With enhanced tools rapidly being developed, we can overcome these issues at hand.    

Top Private Cloud Service Providers for Data Analytics

Private cloud services are being used to provide seamless intelligent services for organisations. IT companies are seen migrating to cloud services, as these services are becoming the ideal channel for analytics. With the advent of COVID-19, this migration has seen further advancements. Snowflake, a Sydney based cloud-platform provider, has become one of 2020’s biggest IPOs. It offers solutions for data warehousing, data science, data engineering, and so much more. Databricks, Samsara, and Rubrik are among the other top private cloud providers for data analytics in 2020. 

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