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Here are a few Artificial Intelligence updates from last week to keep you informed.

Who will win Wimbledon? Serving up some data

We can’t wait to find out who has the best chance of winning at Wimbledon, so we took matters (data) into our own hands. Based on our simulations, Serena Williams is the favourite with 22%chance of winning. Similarly, Novak Djokovic is the favourite with a 39% chance of winning followed by Roger Federer with a 32% chance of winning. Wondering how? Read Along.

AI Tech Developed to Help Crops Cope with Climate Change

Israeli and US researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) method that can help crops cope with climate changes. In the study published in the Journal of Communications Biology, researchers at BGU and the University of California developed a method to identify metabolic pathways which are chemical reactions in the cell, allowing it to grow and multiply. 

IIT students are choosing AI over computer science as job prospects change

As industries face a talent shortage in the sector, IITs recently rolled out degree programmes and certifications including a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Artificial Intelligence — providing diverse options in technology courses. IIT Hyderabad has been the first institute in the country to introduce B.Tech in AI technology. 

3 Best Career Choices for AI Professionals in July 2019

The is a plethora of AI jobs in the markets, but wistfully, there are not enough seekers. As per Indeed, a reputed job site, the demand for skills in the artificial intelligence domain have doubled in the last three years, moreover, the volume of job postings has gone up by almost 119 per cent.

These are the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers of 2019

One company plans to 3D-print rockets on Mars, another is using AI to make driverless cars understand the behaviour of other road users, while a third is using big data to help avert natural disasters. They are among the 56 companies that the World Economic Forum has named its Technology Pioneers 2019.
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