AI Projects

    In this category you can know about the Artificial Intelligence Projects. Like whats happening in the world of AI, there are a lot of AI projects. Example: Blue Brain Project, Google Brain, NuPIC.

    Software Development and Artificial Intelligence

    5 Ways AI is being applied in Software Development

    In today’s dynamic and forward-moving tech-world, technologies and processes are getting obsolete faster than ever. What assumes the role of these discarded technologies is Artificial Intelligence, which is sometimes also the reason behind certain...
    COVID-19 contact tracing

    Tackling COVID-19: The Technology behind Contact Tracing

    What is Contact Tracing?How can technology bolster Contact Tracing efforts?Challenges associated with Contact Tracing The spread of coronavirus around the world has been rapid. In just over a...
    cybernetics and artificial intelligence

    How will Cybernetics And Artificial Intelligence build our future?

    We live in a world where what was considered science fiction mere decades ago has become a reality. Global, wireless internet coverage, 3D printed technologies, the Internet of Things powered by AI-based assistants, and,...
    Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

    7 Interesting Project Ideas in Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

    Learning Artificial Intelligence is not easy, but it is not difficult either. Once you get started with the right artificial intelligence courseware and work on a number of hands-on projects, your basics...

    Your Weekly Guide to Artificial Intelligence – August Part II – GL

    Artificial Intelligence will be impacting the Indian economy in 2019 in ways more than one. It’s an exciting time for AI researchers since most of the industries will move towards automation, opening up new...