AI Trends

    Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing and least predictable industries. Here you can see the latest AI Trends or whats going to be happen in Artificial Intelligence.

    artificial intelligence weekly guide

    Your weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – October Part II 

    Various developments are happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence across the globe. Companies big and large are adopting AI technologies to create breakthrough solutions to enhance their services, improve customer interactions, get ahead...
    AI weekly guide

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Weekly Guide – April IV

    While Coronavirus has us all confined at home, Artificial Intelligence and its technologies are continuing to develop around us. This week’s AI guide discusses augmented AI, AI embedded computing and more. 
    identity theft

    How Machine Learning is Changing Identity Theft Detection

    Several high-profile firms across the world have been crumbling in the wake of data breaches and large-scale identity theft. In the number of fraud reports recorded, identity theft accounts form an alarmingly...