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    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Abbreviated as ML and it’s a Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides system ability to learn automatically & improve from experience without any programming.

    Image Steganography

    Image Steganography Explained | What is Image Steganography?

    What is Steganography?How is this different from cryptography?Incidents from historyUse cases or applications of steganographyTypes of steganography techniquesUnderstanding image steganographyDetecting steganographyImage steganography demonstration in R Contributed by: Sendil...
    covariance vs correlation

    Covariance vs Correlation | Difference between correlation and covariance

    The terms covariance and correlation are very similar to each other in probability theory and statistics. Both the terms describe the extent to which a random variable or a set of random...
    data scientist

    5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Data Scientist

    What makes a good data scientist? Most employers and recruiters prioritize skills testing when searching for the perfect candidate. After all, hiring someone who lacks technical skills can be a costly mistake. However, successful...
    prime numbers

    Prime Numbers Program In Python

    What is prime number?Is 1 a prime number?Co-prime numbers Smallest and Largest prime numbersPython Program for prime numbers What is a prime number?...
    Artificial Intelligence news

    Your essential weekly guide to Artificial Intelligence – August 7

    With some of the recent developments and applications, it is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence is becoming more human-like. Some of the world's largest organizations and start-ups are working towards developing solutions like...