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Machine Learning Abbreviated as ML and it’s a Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides system ability to learn automatically & improve from experience without any programming.

great learning skills report 2018

Great Learning Skills Report 2018

We are pleased to present the Great Learning Skills Report 2018 in collaboration with Analytics Vidhya. The report aims to provide you with an overview of the career opportunities in data-related domains and help...
EDA in Python

Understanding the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) in Python

Contributed by: Manorama Yadav LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manorama-3110/ Introduction to EDA in Python Exploratory data analysis is the analysis of the data and brings out...
Linear Regression for Beginners

Linear Regression in Machine Learning Definition, Advantage & uses

What is RegressionWhen and why do you use Regression?What is Linear RegressionIsn't Linear Regression from Statistics?Linear Regression Model RepresentationRegression PerformanceSimple Linear RegressionMultiple Linear RegressionPolynomial RegressionUnderfitting and OverfittingLinear Regression in PythonPython Packages...
machine learning books

Top 10 Machine Learning Books you can add to your 2020 wish list

Machine Learning algorithms allow us to build intelligent systems which can learn from past experience to give accurate results. Healthcare, defence, financial services, security services, among many others, use Machine Learning in...
7 domains big data greatlearning

7 Domains Benefiting from Big Data and Machine Learning

The wonders of Big Data and Machine Learning are already dazzling the world. Whether it is driverless cars, quick-wit from robots, or Facebook chatbots that had to be shut down, it is safe to...