ML Trends

    Let’s know about Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning trends you need to look forward to in 2020.

    Machine Learning Spotify

    How Spotify Uses Machine Learning Models to Recommend You The Music You Like

    In the early 2000s, Songza implemented a manual music recommendation system for its listeners, where a team of music experts and curators would create playlists. But these recommendations were not objective, as they were...
    climate change and artificial intelligence

    Machine Learning Can Now Solve Climate Change – Here’s How

    Climate change is real. More real than we might want to accept. The average global temperature is rising by 3% every year now; 20% of the species are on...
    support vector machine

    Support Vector Machine – All you Need to Know About SVM

    Every algorithm has its magic. The demand for data forced every data scientist to learn different algorithms. Most of the industries are deeply involved in Machine Learning and are interested in exploring...

    What is TensorFlow? The Machine Learning Library Explained

    What is Tensorflow?- What are Tensors? - How to install Tensorflow- Tensorflow Basics- Shape - Type - Graph- Session- OperatorsTensorflow Python Simplified- Creating a Graph and...
    Top Machine Learning Applications

    6 Common Applications of Machine Learning That Are Hiding in Plain Sight

    Top Machine Learning Applications in 2020 Dynamic PricingTransportation and CommutingFraud DetectionVirtual Personal AssistantSocial MediaInstant Translation Machine Learning, a sub-branch of...