Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Abbreviated as ML and it’s a Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides system ability to learn automatically & improve from experience without any programming.

    spyder python

    An Introduction to Spyder Python IDE

    Why Python? Python is preferred by most data scientists and software developers because of the various functionalities provided by python and the best among those is its open-source feature....
    uses of python

    Python Interview Questions

    1.How to convert string to integer in python?  A string is a sequence of characters. It is a derived data type. Strings are immutable.  This means that once defined,...
    high paying job in the US

    6 High Paying Jobs of 2021 in the US

    2020 saw many people losing their jobs due to the COVID situation. But as now things are getting better in 2021, we are seeing a bounce in the job market. With the...
    machine learning beginner

    How to Get Started as a Machine Learning Beginner in the US (and thrive!)

    Machine Learning is one of the hottest domains in tech today. Based on LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise US report of 20211, Machine Learning Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer, and AI specialist are...
    latest technology

    Latest Technologies You Should Learn in 2021

    Technology is important in our daily life. It has a direct impact on the way we communicate with one other and learn new things. Especially the year 2020 was very much instrumental...