Neural Networks

    The Neural Network also called Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Neural network is a type of information processing in the same way that the human brain processes information, Neural networks are a group of nodes that are interconnected.

    Introduction to Resnet or Residual Network

    Over the last few years, there have been a series of breakthroughs in the field of Computer Vision.Especially with the introduction of deep Convolutional neural networks, we are getting state of the...

    What is Image Recognition and How it is Used?

    What is Image recognition?How does Image recognition work?Working of Convolutional and Pooling layersImage recognition using PythonImage recognition with a pre-trained network The visual performance of Humans is much...

    Introduction to Backpropagation Algorithm, Definition & Case Study

    Neural NetworkWhat is backpropagation?How does backpropagation work?Loss FunctionWhy do we need backpropagation?Feed Forward NetworkTypes of BackpropagationCase Study In typical programming, we input data, perform processing logic and receive...

    Introduction to Autoencoders? What are Autoencoders Applications and Types?

    What are autoencodersArchitecture of autoencodersTypes of autoencodersApplications of autoencodersImplementation What are Autoencoders Autoencoder is a type of neural network where the output layer has the...
    Siamese network

    Similarity learning with Siamese Networks

    For now, you must have heard of Classification or Regression problems but there exists a third type of problems called as similarity problems in which we have to find out if two...