Neural Networks

    The Neural Network also called Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Neural network is a type of information processing in the same way that the human brain processes information, Neural networks are a group of nodes that are interconnected.


    Fully Convolutional Network (Semantic Segmentation)

    The interest around Computer Vision has seen a tremendous spike in the last decade credit to the endless applications it offers. Vision is a key sense for Human beings. Thus, equipping Machines...
    ReLU activation function

    What is Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU)? | Introduction to ReLU Activation Function

    Introduction to Artificial Neural NetworkWhat is activation function?What is ReLU(Rectified Linear Unit) activation function?Why is ReLU the best activation function?Leaky ReLU activation function
    deep learning for computer vision

    Computer Vision: Deep Learning Approach

    Deep Learning in Computer Vision Welcome to the second article in the computer vision series. The article intends to get a heads-up on the basics of deep learning for...
    Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning

    Pattern Recognition (Tutorial) and Machine Learning: An Introduction

    Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (ML) Patterns are everywhere. It belongs to every aspect of our daily lives. Starting from the design and colour of our clothes to using intelligent...
    Siamese network

    Similarity learning with Siamese Networks

    For now, you must have heard of Classification or Regression problems but there exists a third type of problems called as similarity problems in which we have to find out if two...