Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to execute tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.


    How is Europe doing in the world AI race?

    Artificial intelligence, the cutting-edge technology that is making waves in today's world, struggles in Europe but is surging forward in the US and China. But the question is, why? Is this fair?
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    Artificial Intelligence Weekly Guide – February Part III

    The advancements in Artificial Intelligence continue to increase every day. This week’s guide discusses its developments in the music industry, cybersecurity, classrooms, and much more.  AI Steps into the...
    Millennial Parents trust in AI

    Millennial Parents Trust AI – Weekly Guide

    Artificial Intelligence has been evolving at a great pace and remarkably impacting every industry. Each sector has enjoyed the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and has efficiently enhanced services, made tasks easier, mitigate...

    AI Mannequins Fight City Crimes – Weekly Guide

    This week’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) guide discusses its potential to develop supercharge batteries, antibiotics, and much more.   AI Used to Develop Supercharge Batteries  Stanford has developed...
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    AI Diagnoses Life Threatening Diseases – Weekly Guide

    Considering the Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of executing thousands of calculations at once - every existing sector today is benefiting from it in different forms from AI. China...