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    data warehousing and data mining

    Difference Between Data Warehousing and Data Mining | Data Mining vs. Data Warehousing

    If you are related to an industry that needs some level of technological sophistication and uses the internet, you would be familiar with the role that data plays in...

    How Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Together Drive Success – Top 5 Case Studies

    There is one thing that you will agree with me—that the fourth industrial revolution is here, thanks to AI and Big Data. In fact, according to a report done by CNN there is no...
    identity theft

    How Machine Learning is Changing Identity Theft Detection

    Several high-profile firms across the world have been crumbling in the wake of data breaches and large-scale identity theft. In the number of fraud reports recorded, identity theft accounts form an alarmingly...

    Advantage of being with Great Learning is now apparent- Sownthiriya

    The toughest decisions in life are when you have multiple choices. When Sownthiriya, our PGP-DSE alumnus decided to learn data science, she had multiple choices to choose from the leading institutes to become a...
    difference between business intelligence and business analytics

    What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?

    Introduction to Business Intelligence Business Intelligence is the aggregate of strategies and technologies used by various businesses to analyse data and extract useful information from it. It also involves...