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Ecommerce Data Science Applications

9 Interesting Applications of Data Science in the E-commerce industry

There is no doubt that as of today, companies all over the world, big or small, are incorporating data science and its applications within their business in one way or another. The importance of data...
Data Science career options

5 ways to check if Data Science is the best career option for you

It’s very easy to get caught up in the latest trends -whether it’s around fashion, the latest TV show or movie or even when it comes to jobs. Being a “Data Scientist” has been...

A Beginners Guide to Data Science

You’ve probably heard the word 'Data Science' pop up in numerous conversations, news articles and across different media. This article is a primer on what Data science is all about. Data science is the future...
data science skills

5 Crucial Data Science Skills to Learn In 2019

India has witnessed a 400% rise in the demand for Data Science professionals and according to a recent report with over 50,000 jobs lying vacant. According to the same report, the job market is at a situation where the number of job...
Machine Learning Spotify

3 Machine Learning Models Spotify Uses to recommend music you’ll like

In the early 2000s, Songza implemented a manual music recommendation system for its listeners, where a team of music experts and curators would create playlists. But these recommendations were not objective, as they were...