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In other words, “big data analytics is a process in which large data sets are examined so that the organization can get hidden patterns, market trends, customer preference and other useful information.

What is Data Mining? | Understanding Data Mining Applications, Definition and Types

In today’s fast-growing world, one of the most important and valuable objects is data. This data can come from many resources and some types of these collected data are unstructured and noisy.
hadoop tutorial

Apache Hadoop Tutorial |What is Apache Hadoop?

Big data– Introduction Before we jump into our Hadoop Tutorial, lets understand Big Data. Will start with questions like What is Big data, Why big data, What big data...

What is Big Data Analytics Types, Application and why its Important?

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PUBG Data Analysis using Python | Player Unknown Battleground Data Analysis and how it...

Before starting with the PUBG data analysis, let’s understand why we need data science and how it is related to data science. What is Data Science?Why do we...
machine learning resume

Machine Learning Resume Sample: how to build a strong ML Resume

Tips to make machine learning resumeWhat are the must-have skills for an AI resumeHow to master programming languages What employers look for on an ML ResumeCreating your Machine Learning ResumeMachine Learning...