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    In other words, “big data analytics is a process in which large data sets are examined so that the organization can get hidden patterns, market trends, customer preference and other useful information.

    How Big is the Scope of Big Data in India

    With everyone talking about it and recognizing it as one technology trend that can’t be ignored, we are truly in the era of Big Data. As Big Data and analytics continues to become mainstream,...
    Emotion AI Emotional Artificial Intelligence VPA Driverless Cars

    6 Ways Emotion AI is Changing Our Lives

    It’s a Wednesday, 11 am. You and your best friend are just about to start brunch at your favorite restaurant. Wait. Brunch in the middle of the week? Yes, but I’ll come back to that. You are...
    Free Resources for Every Business Analyst

    5 Free Resources for Every Business Analyst

    The past few years have witnessed a steady democratization of data. The sheer volume of data generated by present day businesses puts the role of a Business Analyst in particular focus. Gartner holds out...

    Workforce Uberization in IT Companies

    "With a greater influx of millennials into the workforce, all previous assumptions of what works to keep employees engaged and motivated are breaking down," Richard Lobo, head HR, Infosys. What Lobo is referring to, is the...
    data visualisation tools

    Improving Your Supply Chain With Data Visualisation Tools & Techniques

    A supply chain is defined as a system or a network of people, information, resources, organisation, or activities which are involved in making sure that a product reaches the client or customer...