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    5 Areas Where Artificial Intelligence is Going to Impact Our Lives in Future

    Technology giants are placing huge bets on it and industry watchers and analysts can't stop talking about it, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is truly upon us. Being deemed as the technology of the...

    3 Ways IoT Data Is Improving Product Development

    Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, is transforming the world. We are all connected through a massive network of smartphones, computers, RFID sensors, and more. From optimizing road traffic through adaptive traffic management...
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    7 Domains Benefiting from Big Data and Machine Learning

    The wonders of Big Data and Machine Learning are already dazzling the world. Whether it is driverless cars, quick-wit from robots, or Facebook chatbots that had to be shut down, it is safe to...
    apache kafka

    Apache Kafka Use Cases, APIs and How Kafka Works?

    What is Kafka?Use casesKey componentsKafka APIsHow Kafka works?Real world examplesZookeeper - Install & get startedLive Demo - Getting Tweets in Real Time & pushing in a Kafka topic by Producer
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    R vs Python for Data Science

    Many students in programming and statistics can find a very remunerative career in data science, as it is an ever-growing field with a lot of potential. But right from the start, you...