About the Company:
The company in question is an Indian multinational providing information technology (IT) services and business process outsourcing (BPO) to companies in various vertical and horizontal markets. 
As of January 2018, this company is worth US$4.9 billion with over 121,840+ employees across 90 countries. They were ranked #50 among India’s IT firms and overall #111 in Fortune India 500 list of 2012. They have 926 active clients as of March 2018.

Bottlenecks in the sales cycle
This leading IT company offers cloud solutions to businesses and enterprises to help them manage their data. Their sales and account managers interact with customers to understand their requirements, and then take those requirements to their in-house technical team.
The managers had a good understanding of the business and the impact that cloud solutions can create, but they were unaware of the technical details. When their clients would inquire about the technical specifications of their solutions, the managers had to take those queries back to the technical team to get them clarified. This created bottlenecks, which increased the complexity and the duration of the sales cycle, which lead to the company not being able to meet its revenue goals for the quarter.

Limited cross-selling opportunities
In addition to this, the managers were also not equipped to cross-sell and upsell other cloud offerings, because they were not aware of how those would integrate with the service that they were pitching. Lack of in-depth technical knowledge also leads to a diminished sense of credibility for the company, so they needed this problem addressed right away.

A Cloud program customised for an Operations Managers
To solve the problem of increasing their sales numbers and to manage their customers better, this IT company turned to Great Learning.
Great Learning designed a customised program suited to the unique needs of the company, with a 70+ hours program that sought to upskill the sales and account managers.

Upskilling the sales force for better business outcomes
Since the sales managers came with limited technical experience, the program was designed to ensure that basic concepts were covered to give them the confidence to address and resolve customer queries without having to consult the tech team. Since this company has offices spread across India, the learning experience was delivered online to ensure that geography was not an obstacle in upskilling their employees.
The program also incorporated live feedback from the managers based on the unique challenges that their clients were facing. The managers were not limited to learning just theoretical concepts but also learnt how to apply their new skills to deliver a superior customer experience.

Building customer trust with superior service
Migrating data to the cloud is a considerable undertaking for any company of any size, and they need to be assured that their data is in safe hands. Through the skills taught in the program, the sales and account managers were able to demonstrate their expertise and credibility in cloud computing, which gave their customers the confidence to trust them with their precious data.
The sales managers got to learn the latest trends in cloud computing such as cloud implementations, the applicability of various cloud services in a given scenario, and the ability to draw cloud migration road map for their client. They learnt all this though real-world case studies which taught them how to apply their skills in the real world.

A workforce that’s equipped for the future
The sales managers at this company are now better equipped to handle customer queries to drive new businesses, and can now also recommend other cloud services to increase their overall revenue. The account managers give their customers a stellar experience by quickly resolving their queries, which keeps them from churning and bolstering their revenues.



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