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Business Analytics abbreviated as BA it is the process of sorting, colliding, processing, and studying business data, and uses statistical models and iterative methodology to transform data into business insights.

monte carlo simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance and Risk Management

Monte Carlo Simulation: IntroductionImportant Terms Theory of Monte Carlo Simulation Monte Carlo In Finance Forecasting the stock price using Monte Carlo Analysis  Geometric Brownian Motion (GBM)
business analytics companies in India to work for

Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for – 2020

Digitisation and Data are driving a change in the way organisations make decisions and devise processes.Harnessing and analysing data generated by digital systems is the key to making informed and intelligent decisions,...
Sales analytics case studies great learning

5 Examples of How Sales Professionals use Analytics to solve Problems

Sales is the bread and butter of an organization. All functions are directly or indirectly working towards giving enough condiments to the sales team to further their cause. Unfortunately, it is also one department...
Delhi pollution

Capstone Project: Identifying Patterns in New Delhi’s Air Pollution

Introduction of Capstone Project Diwali is just 5 days. Guess what is the most tell-tale sign- The NCR air quality index, which is already soaring as high as last year’s post Diwali index. Yes, that’s...

20 Practical Ways to Implement Data Science in Marketing

Over the past decade, online information consumption has drastically shot up due to the wide affordability of the World Wide Web. It is estimated that there are over 6 billion devices connected to the...