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    Let’s know about Business Analytics (BA) trends you need to look forward to in 2020.

    Top 8 Reasons Why Data Science Jobs Are in Demand

    Data Science or the stream which deals with the exploration, analysis, modeling, and generation of meaningful information from data is the buzz word across industries. Organizations are increasingly recognizing that they are...

    An Introduction to R – Square

    Index What is R-squareAssessing Goodness-of-Fit in a Regression ModelR-squared and the Goodness-of-FitVisual Representation of R-squaredR-squared has LimitationsAre Low R-squared Values Always a Problem?Are High R-squared Values Always Great?R-squared...
    Marketing mix elements

    What are Marketing Mix Elements? Definition or Meaning of Marketing Mix?

    Marketing mix is a foundation model in marketing that helps business organizations in adapting effective marketing strategies. It can be described as the combination of marketing tools...
    how to overcome recession

    How Recessions Have Impacted Professionals And Businesses – A Ground-level Outlook

    What is Recession?The Great Recession of 2008How did the 2008 Recession Happen?Some Important 2008 Recession Days at a GlanceWhat was the Effect on the Common People of the Country?Recovery from the...
    supply chain analytics

    Supply Chain Analytics: How it’s using Analytics to Solve their Problems

    What is Supply Chain Analytics?Challenges of Supply Chain IndustryBest Examples of Supply Chain Management How Big Data is transforming Supply Chain Management Advanced Analytics in Supply...