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Design Thinking can help extract, teach, learn and apply these human-centric techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way

MBA benefits

5 Reasons Why an MBA can Boost Your Career | How MBA can Boost...

2 years into his first job with an MNC, Shekhar realised he needed to complete his masters to deal with the increasing demands of his field and make it big in the...
Design Thinking in Digital Workplace

Use Design Thinking to transition to a Digital Workplace

Disruptive technologies of the 21st century have shifted customer behaviour and changed our economy - which means that older business strategies are going to be inadequate for this changing economy. Interestingly, we...
airbnb design thinking

The role of Design Thinking in transforming Airbnb into a soaring success

The year 2009 was tough for Airbnb as it was very close to going bust. The startup as registering only $200 per week as revenue and were nowhere close to making a...
design thinking approach

Enhance Your Customers’ Retail Experience with Design Thinking

Netflix made big news when one of its original films “Roma” won the Oscar for best director. But for people in the digital design business, the most notable thing about Netflix is...

Improve your Sales with Design Thinking

Can you guess the most important goal for the sales team in your company? You got it right. The answer is 'to sell''. And for many companies, it’s not just to sell...