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    If some Service or Product which we want to sell by Digital Technologies like Internet or something else so It’s called Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

    importance of Digital Marketing

    Importance of digital marketing for businesses in 2021

    The focus of any business is to get as many clients and customers in through the door as possible. Marketing holds the key to attracting them and generating leads. In the upcoming...
    Top Digital Marketing Books

    Top 7 Digital Marketing Books for Beginners in 2021

    Now that you have decided to pursue digital marketing, you probably would be thinking that the internet is enough to gather every basic information to run a campaign and acquire customers, right?
    Marketing mix elements

    What are Marketing Mix Elements? Definition or Meaning of Marketing Mix?

    Marketing mix is a foundation model in marketing that helps business organizations in adapting effective marketing strategies. It can be described as the combination of marketing tools...

    How Content Marketing Helped Modi Win the 2019 Elections

    After 5 long years, India witnessed its 17th Lok Sabha elections from 11th April to 19th May 2019. This edition of the elections came with a lot of hype and curiosity among the country’s...
    Digital Marketing for Startups : Why It’s Critical

    Digital Marketing for Startups: Why It’s Critical in 2021

    In the digital age, marketing your products and services on the internet is an established necessity. In the early stages, startups must promote brand awareness to land clients, but most startups stumble when trying...