A lot of working women take mid-career break of 1 to 5 years to look after their children when they are very young. However, once the kids grow up, when lot of women want to resume their careers; they often hit a wall – as their skills (if in a technical field) are considered to be obsolete as they carry no experience with the latest technology or practices mandatory in their respective industries.
Well, actually there are so many things those women can do in order to prepare themselves for the transition back into the workforce. The most important amongst them is to upskill oneself through short term or long term course in the chosen field, networking with ex-colleagues to find relevant opportunities in their industry, or perhaps start with internships or unpaid voluntary roles to get a foot in the door.
Analytics is a fast growing industry today and data scientist is becoming one of the most sought after professions in the past 2-3 years. Enrolling oneself in an analytics course can be one rewarding opportunity to get back to work life after a sabbatical. Few compelling reasons that make Analytics profession a great career option are:
In demand skills
The field of data mining and analytics is growing rapidly, creating a substantial gap of talent, globally. Businesses today trust data mining and analytics for informed business decision making, and look for talent who can work with data and help them in business decision making.
Multi-Industry opportunity
Today, there is hardly any industry, established or growing that does not opt for data driven decision making. Be it healthcare, telecom, sports, ecommerce, finance or government, and across functions like HR, management, operations, sales, and marketing, Analytics does play an eminent role. Whatever be person’s past industry or functional experience, analytics skills can be one good addition to existing skills. For example, a person who has worked in the banking sector can learn about financial analytics, while one who carries retail experience can learn how analytics works in marketing and ecommerce, IT professionals can get into Big Data Processing and analytics, where the requirement is usually of strong IT and programming skills in addition to data crunching knowledge.
Management life-skill:
Often at the time of taking a break, most of the women are in entry level – mid management level leadership roles, and prefer resuming the career at a same level. The competence to make better and informed business decisions on the basis of data is becoming an important part of any management role, irrespective of function. Thus, an inclusion of data analytics skills will supplement wholly supplement the past experience and make resume more alluring to potential employers.
Well, there are many barriers to entry for women looking to get back to the workforce after a long break.  Even after extensive prior experience, women do find it difficult to get back into the job market with no experience of current market tools and practices. Hence, to increase their chances of being shortlisted for roles relevant to their experience and skills, they should update their skill set, especially in areas that are in great demand such as analytics. If you are interested, check out  comprehensive courses at Great Learning, one of India’s most premier learning institute.



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