Career Crossroad

This past year has been difficult for many of us both personally and professionally. Many have felt that relying on the 9-5 job alone can prove to be risky. The job market has indeed been quite volatile with the ongoing pandemic and has compelled us to rethink our career moves. If you are at crossroads where you know you need a career change but aren’t quite sure of your next move, we are here to help you gain some clarity.

Change is difficult, and our natural inclination is to resist change for as long as possible. However, the smart thing to do is to embrace it since change is inevitable and the only path of growth. The first step towards change and growth is the renouncing of comfort and the same applies to your career trajectory as well. 

Knowing Where You Stand

Does your current profile provide you with the scope of growth? Are your skills safe from becoming redundant in the future? Or are you choosing to stay in the same place just because you have grown comfortable with it?

You might be asking tough questions which you won’t often find the answers to immediately but it is important to ask them – is this the right time in your career to make a change? Are you ready to make the change? Are you prepared for the future? Your decision will be much easier if you know the right questions and answer them adequately.

Play to Your Strength

If your current role doesn’t challenge you, it can become monotonous in a while. It’s always a good idea to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive in bringing the change you need in your career. Involve yourself in more than what your core deliverables are to understand what you are capable of and what could be the right growth path for yourself. Most importantly, try to understand if you have the right skills that are required to grow in the profession you want for yourself. 

While there is nothing wrong to explore various opportunities in the market to see if other companies offer a better fit, it is advisable to check within your current company to look for scopes of growth. If the idea of a promotion doesnt excite you then it’s time to move on to another company. Upskilling through various courses and programs will improve your chances of getting absorbed in the competitive market.

Rewards and Recognition

Job satisfaction is of the utmost importance. While it’s true that a lot of us end up choosing a career path that doesnt unite their vocation and avocation, you can still find fulfillment from a job well done. 

Your remuneration might be one of the primary reasons for your choice of the current profile, but isn’t the only important factor to consider. If your work environment recognizes your hard work and rewards you accordingly, if it allows you a healthy work life balance, then you are in a good place. You need to start contemplating your move if these factors are not fulfilled.

You have it in Yourself to Do What’s Best for You

Remember whatever your current situation is, you can totally improve it. Chronicle your professional journey and you will see how far you have come. Even if you are not equipped right now for the position you aspire for, you can upskill or reskill to prepare yourself. There are a number of upskilling courses available today. Great Learning offers various courses on domains like data science, AIML, cybersecurity, cloud computing and more. These courses have been designed by world-renowned faculty in collaboration with esteemed universities. Check them out to find your areas of interest.

Sometimes, it’s best to bet on yourself. Good luck!



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