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Career Enhancement or Advancement refers to the upward progression of one’s career.

Provides theoretical as well as industry knowledge- Bharani Srinivas, PGP ML

If you are interested in the field of Machine Learning, you must upskill to stay up-to-date with the upcoming skills and technologies. Read about Bharani Srinivas’ journey with Great Learning’s PGP Machine...

I liked the evaluation process and the capstone project- Lavanya, PGP ML

Upskilling can help you reach greater heights in your journey as a professional. Read about Lavanya’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Machine Learning Course.  Tell us about your...

Course concepts were well balanced- Siva Rama Krishna Reddy B, PGP AIML

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning has been growing massively over the years. Upskilling in these domains will help you move up the ladder in your career. Read about Siva Rama’s journey with...

Great Learning provides the best quality of education- AK Mahapatra, PGP CC

The main benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location, and Cloud Computing is the future. Read about AK Mahapatra’s journey with Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course. 

The faculty was inspiring- Revathy P L, PGP DSBA

Upskilling is the key to moving forward in your career. Since Data Science and Analytics is a growing field, it becomes important to keep up with the changing trends. Read about Revathy’s...