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    In this category, you will get to know about the Success Stories of MyGreatLearning students who got success in their respective fields post completion of their Certification Programs. Now they are sharing their experiences and success tips with all MyGreatLearning Program aspirants to help them similarly grow in their career path.

    Transition from Application Support to Data Analytics: Nithin, PGP-DSE

    You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great. Read on as Nithin Shetty, our PGP-DSE alumnus unveils his story from quitting his job to learning data...

    I got a lot of tips on performing well in interviews: Ramya, PGP-DSE.

    We are defined by the choices we make. In the case of our DSE alumnus Ramya, the choice was clear. Read further to know why she considered the PGP-DSE program by Great Learning as...

    6 Reasons Why a Great Learning E-Portfolio is Awesome

    Tired of applying for jobs and not getting shortlisted? One of the key benefits of enrolling in any Great Learning program is the e-portfolio that you build as you learn and apply new concepts...

    Great Learning's program made me job-ready: Aishwarya, PGP-DSE.

    Learning is a continuous process. As the trends in the industry change and evolve, upskilling will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Read on to find out how Aishwarya, our PGP-DSE alumnus underwent...

    Career Support stands out at Great Learning: Alvino, PGP-DSE Alumnus

    Here's how Alvino Aji went from a fresh college graduate to landing a job at Uber.  Why did you decide to learn Data Science? I have completed my Computer Science Engineering in 2018 and I had...