Big Career Dream with data science and engineering

    Data Analytics Set to Become Next Big Career Dream

    Mohan Lakhamraju, Great Learning Founder, explains why Data Analytics is the hottest job of the 21st century in an interview with Business Standard. Shivakumar C S (name changed), a Chennai-based professional with a technology firm,...

    Why Data Science is a great career option for fresh graduates

    The last decade has witnessed mass digitization of various industries so that they can improve their efficiencies and increase their bottom line. This means that many companies have amassed large sets of data about...
    career in ethical hacking

    How To Start A Career In Ethical Hacking

    Ethical hacking is a profession where hacking methods are used with good intent to help others and serve a greater purpose. Before getting into details, here is a quick overview of how...

    Data Scientists: An equally good career option for Women

    Yes, data science is a good career choice for women! Did you know women by nature are excellent contrarian thinkers? And one goal of data science is to dig for unknown truths in a variety...

    Why Working Professionals are Opting for E-learning

    In this hyper-competitive world, working professionals are valued with respect to the number of job skills that they possess. An individual’s income and career growth are highly dependent on these skills. The greater the...