Computer Vision

Computer Vision’s short form is CV and its work to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content like videos and photographs.

What is Deep Learning Great Learning

Deep Learning Tutorial: What it Means and what’s the role of Deep Learning

What is Deep Learning?Why is Deep Learning important?How does Deep Learning work?How do Neurons Work?What is the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning?How to get started with Deep Learning?Top Open...
Transfer learning

Introduction to Transfer Learning | What is Transfer Learning in Deep Learning?

What is Transfer Learning (TL)?How Transfer learning worksWhen to use Transfer Learning (TL)?Transfer learning in NLP(Natural Language Processing)Use TL to detect COVID-19 What is Transfer Learning?

Computer Vision: A Case Study- Transfer Learning

The conclusion to the series on computer vision talks about the benefits of transfer learning and how anyone can train networks with reasonable accuracy. Usually, articles and tutorials on the web don’t...

How To Apply Machine Learning to Recognise Handwriting

Manually transcribing large amounts of handwritten data is an arduous process that’s bound to be fraught with errors. Automated handwriting recognition can drastically cut down on the time required to transcribe large volumes of...

Your First steps in Computer Vision: Using PyTorch with an example

Contributed By: Dr C. S. JyothirmayeeLinkedIn Profile: The term Computer Vision (CV) is used and heard very often in artificial intelligence (AI) and...