data and analytics weekly round-up

Data and Analytics Weekly Round-up: July 9, 2019

Here are a few Data and Analytics updates from last week to keep you informed. 4 Challenges with Leveraging Analytics -- and How to Overcome Them To fully capitalize on the potential of modern analytics, enterprises...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-ML Alumnus : Anudeep Sri B, Big Data Developer at GainInsights

Efficient delivery of Programs at Great Learning – Anudeep, Developer

There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of talent in certain emerging technologies. Big Data and Machine Learning are two of those areas where there is a huge demand for skilled...
great learning skills report 2018

Great Learning Skills Report 2018

We are pleased to present the Great Learning Skills Report 2018 in collaboration with Analytics Vidhya. The report aims to provide you with an overview of the career opportunities in data-related domains and help...

The Proof of Pudding is in the Data

Knowing who will win an election before it happens, identifying customers who will default on a loan before they do – sounds like magic? No, that’s data science. Data science is a multi-disciplinary and involves...
5 big data skills salary great learning

Big Data Analytics Skills To Boost Your Salary

Are you wondering what the buzz about big data is? Should you make a transition to a career in big data analytics? Well, whether you are already in data analytics or IT, you have...