Big Data is the Wind Beneath the Wings of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been around as an academic discipline since the 1950s. And a number of the machine learning techniques that are in vogue at the moment are a product of the 20th century....
Amazon Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Great Learning

How Amazon is Dazzling the world with AI & ML – Great Learning.

“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, desire” – Aristotle Since the days of antiquity, these terms have governed and explicated human behavior. One would...

7 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know About Big Data Analytics

How many times have you found yourself face to face with your boss, head in the clouds, without knowing what to say about the latest advancements done by your team, or about the latest...
R vs Python Great Learning

R vs Python

Do you enjoy statistics and programming? Are you currently studying math and statistical learning (such as machine learning)? Are you excited to learn the latest technologies and techniques in data science? If your answers...
Emotion AI Emotional Artificial Intelligence VPA Driverless Cars

6 Ways Emotion AI is Changing Our Lives

It’s a Wednesday, 11 am. You and your best friend are just about to start brunch at your favorite restaurant. Wait. Brunch in the middle of the week? Yes, but I’ll come back to that. You are...