Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

Business Analytics and Intelligence – Possible Career paths for Analysts

Data is seeing a sizeable boom across industries. It’s a potential goldmine that could aid organisations with insights into their products, business processes, customer behaviour, and the factors shaping their target markets. To get...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-BABI Alumnus : Sahil Mattoo , Data Scientist at DXC Technologies

My dream of Finance Career now a reality: Sahil, Data Scientist.

With many skills getting redundant with the advent of new technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML, there is a need for professionals to upskill and fulfil the market demands while opening new...
Critical Business Intelligence tools

12 BI Tools To Empower Your Business With Efficient Analytics In 2019

The global Business Intelligence market has surpassed the $20 billion mark in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s expected to surpass the $25 billion cap by 2020. More than 46% of...
Great Learning Success Story by PGP-BABI Alumnus : Pratik Anjay , Data Scientist at Walmart

Business made easy through Great Learning's Approach – Pratik, Walmart

The role of software engineers is evolving to accommodate new technologies in Data Science, Big Data, and AI among others. To be ahead of the rest and be relevant to the demands of this...
Chief Data Officer

How do you become a Chief Data Officer?

Data has become the backbone of businesses around the world. Enterprise data is an organization’s most crucial resource because it helps in intelligent decision making and provides insights on how to improve business outcomes....