Business Analytics

Business Analytics abbreviated as BA it is the process of sorting, colliding, processing, and studying business data, and uses statistical models and iterative methodology to transform data into business insights.

Free downloadable datasets

Top 32 Dataset in Machine Learning | Machine Learning Dataset

To build a machine learning model dataset is one of the main parts. Before we start with any algorithm we need to have a proper understanding of the data. These machine learning...
monte carlo simulation

Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance and Risk Management

Monte Carlo Simulation: IntroductionImportant Terms Theory of Monte Carlo Simulation Monte Carlo In Finance Forecasting the stock price using Monte Carlo Analysis  Geometric Brownian Motion (GBM)
Marketing mix elements

What are Marketing Mix Elements? Definition or Meaning of Marketing Mix?

Marketing mix is a foundation model in marketing that helps business organizations in adapting effective marketing strategies. It can be described as the combination of marketing tools that are utilised by any...

Difference between Business Analyst & Data Scientist

Difference between Business Analyst & Data ScientistWho is a Business AnalystJob Overview of Business AnalystJob Responsibilities in Business AnalystJob Requirements in Business AnalystWho is a Data ScientistJob Overview of Data ScientistJob...
how to overcome recession

How Recessions Have Impacted Professionals And Businesses – A Ground-level Outlook

What is Recession?The Great Recession of 2008How did the 2008 Recession Happen?Some Important 2008 Recession Days at a GlanceWhat was the Effect on the Common People of the Country?Recovery from the...