It’s Never too Late to Learn – Navpreet Singh, AIML

A change in career is not only a fresh start but also an exciting one. Here is how Navpreet Singh started off with his career in AIML through Great Learning’s AIML program. 
supply chain analytics

How Supply Chain is Using Analytics to Solve Its Problems

What is Supply Chain Analytics? Supply Chain is a tricky business. One missing entity or a lack of synchronisation can break the entire chain and mean millions in losses...
nagesh nayak

Mentoring Sessions with the Industry Experts were the Key Factors – Nagesh, SACS

Online courses provide the benefit of flexibility to learn and gain knowledge at students own convenience, time, and pace without compromising on any other commitments. Here’s how Nagesh Nayak benefitted from our...
sudharshan pai

I would highly recommend this course to Cybersecurity aspirants – Sudarshan Pai, SACSP

The main benefit of an online course is the flexibility of time and location. One can pursue the course at their own convenience without compromising on other commitments. Here’s how Sudarshan Pai...
business analytics companies in India to work for

Top 10 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for – 2020

Digitisation and Data are driving a change in the way organisations make decisions and devise processes. Harnessing and analysing data generated by digital systems is the key to making informed and intelligent...