5 Qualities of a Product Manager

One of the most sought-after roles in the industry is that of a Product Manager. Not only does it combine various functions, but also packs a great potential for growth into higher leadership positions. Forbes...

Advantage of being with Great Learning is now apparent- Sownthiriya

The toughest decisions in life are when you have multiple choices. When Sownthiriya, our PGP-DSE alumnus decided to learn data science, she had multiple choices to choose from the leading institutes to become a...
big data machine learning

5 Reasons to Pursue a PG Program in Big Data and Machine Learning

Reasons why you should study Masters in Big Data and Machine Learning Darwin’s theory about “the survival of the fittest” has never been truer as it is in the current digital economy. Anyone who refuses...
NLP Interview Questions

43 NLP Interview Questions and Answers with Explanations

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Introduction: NLP stands for Natural Language Processing which helps the machines understand and analyse natural languages. It is an automated process to extract required information from...
My Data Analyst Career

My successful Data Analyst Career

Great learning has been successfully transforming the lives of young professionals. One such individual is Vikas. Here is how Great Learning guided him to transform his career as a data analyst. What is your professional...